by Collins

Biography of Mimi

Personal Life And Career:

Okechukwu Miracle (Mimi) is an actress, certified teacher and a fitness lover.
She was born on May 1999 to a middle class Igbo family in Abia State, Nigeria.
Growing up, she has been involved in several businesses as fashion trade, freelance writing, typing, poultry, fruit juice production and amongst others.

Her first starring role is in the short vine on Mark Angel TV titled “African Merlin”. Where she plays a role as a reserved married woman in the caretaker comedy series. Officially, she joined Mark Angel Comedy in 2020.

The beautiful woman’s role as a married woman in the caretaker series makes a lot of people conclude that she is married, but she is single at the moment. Mimi loves fitness and she randomly experiment different weight loss/weight gain guide with her body.


As a child, she loved and enjoyed teaching her mates, hence the reason she studied English Language and Education in the University of Port Harcourt, with plans of practicing as a full time teacher. However, she joined the Mark Angel Comedy team immediately after graduation. Mimi has always been interested in acting while in school, she was featured in a few comedy videos then.

You can connect with her on all his social media platforms Likee/FB/Twitter/IG/Tiktok @sweetgirlmimi.