by Collins

Biography Of Baze10

Baze10 who’s birth name is Prince Chijioke, was born on the 2nd of June in Lagos State and a native of Imo State, Nigeria.. He is an Actor, Comedian, stage performance coach, storyteller, red carpet host and an entrepreneur.

Education And Career:

Baze10 graduated from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri.
Where he obtained a degree in Information Management Technology.
He also bags a diploma in Theater Art from AFRICAN PRODUCERS FILM LIMITED which is an Affiliate of the Lagos State University.

Professionally, he has been an actor for 13years now and is currently a character at the Mark Angel Comedy/Tv production.

He is also one of the best hosts of the fast raising web Program on FB #TIMEOUT_WITH_BAZE10. Here, he shares deep secret about himself and his success, in his career.

Movies Starred:

Teacher Emmanuel, Hustler City, My Boo, Big bro etc.

Country Visited:

Togo and Benin republic.

Life Lessons And Inspirations:

“Talent does not equal success. Hard work and a winning mindset are what it takes to be a success, so remember the power to success lies in your hands”

You can connect with him on all his social media platforms Likee/FB/Twitter/IG/Tiktok @Baze10official.